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Upcoming Games

Here’s a weekly roundup of upcoming games listed on the Dicehaven Google Calendar. Look for further details and RSVPs from your respective GMs. Star Wars Makeup Game — Thursday, June 16 6:30pm (Stan’s House) 50 Fathoms — Saturday, June 18 6:30pm (Stan’s House) Texicon — Thursday, June 23 to Sunday, June 26 (see; Jeff & Mason and maybe […]

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‘Star Trek: Vanguard’ and Other Cool Books

I’ve started to hear about other books folks in our Dicehaven group have recently read (or read way back in the day). Thought it might be cool to have folks who are interested jot a note or two on the blog on what books they like (or don’t like). If you want to blog about […]

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The Gathering

The Party continued their struggle against the mighty Hill Giant stedding, fighting both giant and fire.  The Rogue, having appeared to have fled the battle, instead came around to the front of the stedding, He first scaled the tower, and then lit it on fire. It went up like an Aradene candle, and turned night into day for miles […]

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