Been talking to Mason about his upcoming Imperium campaign. One topic that has come up is Sci Fi tropes. Here’s a table I came up with at one point that is useful to think through. Might be worthwhile to ask players which tropes they like or don’t like 🙂

12 Sci-Fi Story Types

Review the list for ideas, or roll 2d6 and to see what story to create in your next adventure. Patrons can give missions for items 2-12.

  1. Patron: Get a job from a patron such as obtaining a macguffin.

  2. Exploration: Salvage of ancient ruins, abandoned ships, exploring dungeons.

  3. Merchant: Trading cargo and working the stock market using trade tables.

  4. Heists: Con jobs or other missions to get an object.

  5. Military: Defend an outpost or fight warlords.

  6. Aliens: Encounter exotic creatures, fight predators, or safari missions.

  7. Cultures: 1st contact scenarios, modern cultural issues reskinned.

  8. Court Intrigue: Interact with nobles/politicians or become one.

  9. Distress Calls: Answer an S.O.S., but no telling what you really will encounter.

  10. Space Battles: Vacc suit fights, bridge action, fleet combats.

  11. Belters: Asteroid exploration, strikes, megacorp intrigue.

  12. Survival: Survive a ship crash, prison, hostile terrain or sabotaged ships.

RPG Space Sci Fi Tropes

Other iconic genre elements I can think of that is great to work in at Con game especially (to make it feel like you placed a Space game):

  • Melee combat with futuristic weapons,
  • Ranged combat with futuristic weapons
  • Fighting alien monsters
  • EVA in a space suit
  • Piloting a ship
  • Solving a cosmic enigma
  • Spaceship combat