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The IronOak Family Saga

Aelred’s Stand Told through the eyes of Justin Ironoak, heir to the Iron Oaks Justin withdrew his warpick from the twitching body of the orc he had just slain and surveyed the battle around him. He had broken through the line of orcs defending the tower, and was standing along the wall, beside the doorway […]

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Blood & Steel — Episode 00

Did a trial run of a new mini-campaign set in the Spinward Frontier of the Imperium. We did some word-building, talked about what we wanted in a campaign, and did a quick, 1-hour game to try out combat with 15mm miniatures. We decided it worked well, using the colored bases as a way to help […]

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Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 06

Our heroes meet Rel Thaxton, not-quite-a-Jedi, in a dark, smoky bar…right after Kek nearly picks a fight with him, and Cornelius draws his blaster. Rel tells the crew that Lu’Nimah sent him. He proves it with a series of secret handshakes, winks, and twitches. He’s here to take the force-sensitive Dredge to find a hidden […]

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