Our heroes meet Rel Thaxton, not-quite-a-Jedi, in a dark, smoky bar…right after Kek nearly picks a fight with him, and Cornelius draws his blaster.

Rel tells the crew that Lu’Nimah sent him. He proves it with a series of secret handshakes, winks, and twitches. He’s here to take the force-sensitive Dredge to find a hidden Jedi temple on Khubeaie.

The crew goes there; Dredge and Rel find the temple, and enter.

Meanwhile, outside, the Imperial scum arrive. A star destroyer targets the ship from orbit, and storm troopers speed across the desert.

In the temple, Dredge must face his destiny—alone. It turns out his destiny is a bunch of scary bad guys: Count Vidian, The Inquisitor, and several mysterious, gray-cloaked guards. They capture Rel, decapitate him, and order Dredge to join them.

Outside, Isshtatha pilots the Tyranus toward Vidian’s ships on top of a mesa. The crew fires at will. Tark, Daymont, and Kek strike a blow for the Rebel Alliance.

In the temple, Dredge refuses to join the Dark Side, and leaps into an abyss, plummeting toward certain death.

But instead of death, he discovers Rel, alive and well. Dredge has passed his Jedi test—and all of it was an illusion.

Now, the crew has two almost-Jedis. Count Vidian’s days are numbered….