On my backlog of things to do ‘someday (but not just yet!) is to start a comic book club. This article gives a bit of background on what that can be like.

I’d envision structuring it similar to the Dicehaven book club. You read several comics (maybe 6 or 12 per month?) in a selected series, then get together (in person on via Zoom) and chat about it. Maybe we’d play City of Heroes or a tabletop Supers RPG like Icons after the comic book club meeting.

To get the comics, each person would subscribe from one of the following:

  • DC Universe Infinite (read unlimited from their 24,000 comics for $74.99/year or $7.99/month)
  • Marvel Unlimited (read unlimited from their 27,000 digital comics, currently $9.99/month)

You can read more about reading digital comics here.

I’ve used both DC Universe and Marvel Unlimited, and Comixology in the past. All work about the same. They have a REALLY cool technology that zooms from panel to panel that works well on iPads and even phones so you can read comics whenever and wherever you have downtime.

With an unlimited subscription, you can pick a starting point (I’m thinking a series like Justice League or X-Men, starting in the 70s). With so many comics you could read sequentially from the decades of backlist comic issues for many, many years. If you get tired of one arc, there are tens of thousands of other comics out there with interesting story lines.