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Two Book Club Prep Tools

“We read to know we are not alone.” — C.S. Lewis

Two key tools I use for our Dicehaven bookclub:

  • I read through “50 Book Club Questions for Any Selection” for ideas on discussion questions for the book we’re reading.
  • I often read using a Kindle on my iPad and I highlight lots of text. What’s cool with Kindle highlights is that afterwards you can login, visit your ‘notebook’ at and then see and even export everything you highlighted.

Starting a Superheroes Comic Book Club

On my backlog of things to do ‘someday (but not just yet!) is to start a comic book club. This article gives a bit of background on what that can be like.

I’d envision structuring it similar to the Dicehaven book club. You read several comics (maybe 6 or 12 per month?) in a selected series, then get together (in person on via Zoom) and chat about it. Maybe we’d play City of Heroes or a tabletop Supers RPG like Icons after the comic book club meeting.

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Dicehaven Sci-Fi / Fantasy Book Club

We have started a Dicehaven Book Club where we select and read one Sci Fi or Fantasy book each month and then meet for about an hour via Zoom to discuss (and have a private GroupMe for off-line discussions of the books). I thought I’d share the structure of how we (at the moment anyway) plan to organize our club.

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