Board Game Grand Prix

Two separate Board game Sundays have resulted in a shift in the standings. We have played the newly acquired War of kings (which by the way, is a terrific board game for anyone interested in awesome. Anyhoo, two games have been played, a hard (four player) and a six player game (ultra hard). In the first game, Kevin P won, and was awarded 4 points. Brooks, Martin and Robert all tied for second, and each received 1 point. In the Second game, played this last Sunday, Robert won, received 6 points, Nick came in second, receiving 4 points, and Patrick came in third, receiving 2 points. So the overall standings, with one more board game to go this year, is:

Robert 11
Nick 9
Kevin P. 9
Martin 9
Patrick 6
Brooks 5

Gifts cards to Common Ground games will be awarded after the last game of the year, which will hopefully be an epic War of Kings finale.

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