Tears of Lys- Part 1


  • Mordecai: Human Air Mage Puritan from Earth
  • Liam: Human Shipmaster from Earth
  • Bracus: Scurillian merchant and Super native
  • Daxson: Doreen treasure diver native
  • Rodrigo: Human priest and water Mage from Earth

Date: 12-5-15

XP: 2


After spending time with the lovely Tressa the crew set sail to find Tomas and the Tears of Lys. Along the way they stopped by a sunken Kraken ship to recover magic sails Tressa told them about. At the shipwreck they found a trap laid by Octopons, there enthralled giant shark, and Kehana. A quick but deadly battle progressed in which Liam was nearly mortally wounded and Daxson was able to enact some Kehana revenge.

Heading onward they arrived at Kiera to find information about Tomas. While searching the corrupt city Bracus discovered hints of a rebellion and was forced to pay off a corrupt harbor master for information on Tomas’ ship, the Valiant. The discovered it was last sent out to deliver prisoners to Paltos.

Heading onward to Paltos, the Crew the crew spotting the Inquisition’s huge barge fortress the Perdition and two escorting Galleons. Embolden as of late, Mordecai decided to aw the barges occupants and cast a powerful gale of Zepher to help speed the Liberators Wrath along. This caught the attention of the Inquisition ships and they laid chase through the channel. The Crew was able to loose the Galleons but not without a few scares along the way.

Finally arriving to Paltos unscathed the Crew found Tomas’ ship mates drinking at a bar. They discovered that Tomas had been arrested a week ago for a trivial offence and was being kept at the Prison for an unfair sentence. The captain, Quintas Quin, confirmed that Tomas still had his lucky necklace, but was unable to secure his freedom through any legitimate means.

Father Rodgrigo and Liam decided to head to the Prison with the intent of the Father administering confession and blessings on the detained Catholics. Using their wit and persuasion they made it to see the Captain who relented and gave them permission to a hands off, public mass. Using this as a cover Father Rod was able to talk to Tomas who did indeed have the Tears of Lys, but refused to give up the Tears without being freed.

Liam meanwhile was able to chat with the guards and determine that the Captain of the prison had a deal worked out with the Inquisition to supply mages on a monthly basis and that Tomas would be handed off in a few weeks time.

What will the Crew do now? Will they spring a trap for the dreaded and vile Inquisition? Or will they try to spring Tomas from the slammer?

Captain Liam

Captain’s Log,


As we left Tressa the Red’s flying fortress, we made a brief stop to collect magical sails from a sunken Kraken vessel.  Some evil creatures had claimed it as their home and put up a fight.  I was once again looking death in the eyes.  This time, I nearly laughed out loud.  After all these many encounters with that grim prospect, I find it concerns me less than ever before.  I grow increasingly convinced that I am being spared for some greater purpose.  In turn, I am emboldened even more.


We caught wind of where Tomas might be while making port in Kiera.  He was aboard the Valliant which had recently left to deliver prisoners to Paltos.  We were quickly underway with First Mate Daxson at the helm.  He’s got all the makings of an excellent captain, so I am trying to teach him everything I know.  To free Carribdus of these wretched sea hags, we’ll need all the capable and reliable captains we can get.


It was smooth sailing until Mordecai went to work with his wind magic right in front of a small Inquisition fleet.  My first instinct was to launch into action, but I held my ground that Daxson might have his meddle tested.  Even the best sailor in the world is useless as a captain if he doesn’t have the head for it.  So I did my best to just watch and I’m glad to say he handled it rather well.  


At Paltos, we learned Tomas had been arrested and was located in that dreaded prison.  Rodrigo had a clever idea of using his position as a priest to gain us access to the prisoners.  Namely Tomas.  It worked better than expected.  We confirmed Tomas’ location within the prison and I was able to get a solid grasp of what we’d face in an effort to free him.  We’ll have to do the latter because Tomas only agreed to hand over the Tears of Lys if we first rescued him.  


Now we must decide how to do it.  We seem to have only two options.  Either assault the prison before Tomas is turned over to the Inquisition or assault the Inquisition as they head to their ships.  Personally, I’m in favor of the prison break.


Captain McCormic