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GenCon 2016 Review

Disclaimer; I will only comment on what I experienced. This convention was jammed packed with people.  I wonder how long Indianapolis will be able to hold it.  People everywhere. But as always, there are still a lot to experience and wring out of the Convention. The Dealer’s hall.  It was bigger and better than ever.  […]

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DIY Initiative Tracker for Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition

Here’s how I do initiative for Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition. (Which is amazing by the way! Go buy it now!). There’s a cool initiative mechanic where a player can use Tactics to grant a +6 initiative bonus to allies (and -6 to enemies), but this applies to the first round only. So initiative changes after […]

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Top Stuff I Want To Run Someday

Been thinking about the ‘stuff I’m itching to run someday’ so thought I’d jot it down. Interesting how things evolve: see my post in 2014 of things I was itching to run two years ago. Probably the Sci Fi stuff has my biggest interest at the moment. Sci-Fi Campaigns Blood & Steel (Imperium RPG) — After […]

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Up In the Air

Justin IronOak and Neara BloodOak led our intrepid party through snowy mountain passes, through the worst of the MindSpire Mountains, before coming upon the Village of the BloodOaks.  A vital village, the party immediately saw the battle damage done to the town’s wooden palisade, where the Frost Giants and the Black dragon broke through on their […]

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Upcoming Games

Here’s a weekly roundup of upcoming games listed on the Dicehaven Google Calendar. Look for further details and RSVPs from your respective GMs. Star Wars Makeup Game — Thursday, June 16 6:30pm (Stan’s House) 50 Fathoms — Saturday, June 18 6:30pm (Stan’s House) Texicon — Thursday, June 23 to Sunday, June 26 (see; Jeff & Mason and maybe […]

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One Minute More

This is the Last Chronicle of Thorvald, the Undertaker. Ragnarok was close at hand.  The party rushed from Dublin to the Baltic States on a quest to find the way to Musspielheim, to find the tree branch that would fuel the renewal of the mechanical sun.  We wasted no time crossing the marshes and forests of […]

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A Giant Problem

Harren Fireleaf rules in Fire oak, but for how long?  He convinced the Fire oaks to betray all other Oak Kin, and at first the act was profitable.  centuries of old grudges against the other Oaks allowed the payback to be sweet.  But soon, Randolph Fire Oak decided the cost was too high.  honor and a sense of […]

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The Society of the Nine Knives

The Oaks discovered that Milas Homar, banker extraordinaire, supplier of fruit in bozes throughout Westcrown and Westmarch, may not be the friend people keep telling the party he is.  Yes, Milas Homar evidently sent a team of assassins to infiltrate the Society of the Nine Knives.  After uncovering the conspiracy to murder the Silver Oaks, […]

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