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Heroes of Arnor: Shrine of the Seven Stones

Chapter Three In March (the 25th Day of Gwaeron, T.A. 1641), the heroes receive word that the Lord Elesander’s wife Morwen has taken ill. The heroes are joined by their newest companion, a dwarf named Crom, fresh from Rivendell where also Aldin, Éothain, and Adrahil had sojourned this winter. The court’s healers can do nothing for her, […]

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Heroes of Arnor: The Two Troublesome Trolls

Chapter Two In Oct. (the 13th Day of Urui, T.A. 1640), the heroes are in Elnost and receive a summons to meet with the governer. En route to the audience, the scouts see Morwen arriving from her morning ride. She has the swiftest horse west of the Misty Mountains and rides unattended, despite the ongoing objections […]

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Middle-earth in T.A. 1640

Middle-earth Map of Arnor in T.A. 1640

Here’s my next pass at maps to use with our mid-Third Age campaign. These are formatted to print at 18×24″ using a service like (the maps have a slight bleed to give you edge-to-edge printing). Middle-earth Arnor Map (With Hexes) Middle-earth Arnor Map (No Hexes) Middle-earth Arnor Map (White, No Hexes) — Stan

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Heroes of Arnor: Gathering at Elnost

Chapter One On the 1st Day of Urui, in the year 1640 of the Third Age, morning dawns at Dispar. It is a small Arthedain border town east of Rhudaur. As the cock crows at the The Grey Fox Inn, several adventurers gather. The elvish scholar Coronthir and the wandering dwarf Valin make introductions to […]

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Middle-earth in TA 1640

Heroes of Arnor Our new ‘B’ campaign is ‘Heroes of Arnor’. Check out the trailer!: Was doing some research in preparation for a potential Middle-earth campaign. Here are my notes. A Brief History of Middle-earth & Arnor In twelve minutes, you can learn just about all you need to know! Watch these two videos if […]

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5e Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide

New details came out today on the 5e Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide which is coming our way in the weeks ahead. D&D + Middle-earth is like peanut-butter and chocolate, a combinations I’ve wanted for years! Read more here: Here’s what’s going to be in the Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide: • 11 Middle-earth […]

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‘Adventures in Middle-Earth’ Coming October

Based on Game Trade Magazine #198’s product listing that dropped probably earlier than Cubicle 7 had anticipated, it appears that the upcoming Cubicle 7 D&D version of The One Ring will be called ‘Adventures in Middle-Earth’ and will ship in October. My guess is announcements will be made at GenCon with more details and cover-art previews […]

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Tales from the Wilderland Session 02: Of Leaves & Stewed Hobbit

We continued our adventures in Middle-earth. In the three months since our last adventure, the heroes were doing everything from fighting Orcs and building settlements, to starting Bardic performance circuits and making schemes to open lucrative trade routes. A trip to rescue the hobbit Dindy Brandybuck gained added urgency after Barlimun received this perfumed letter: The […]

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