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Modiphius Star Trek Adventures Will Be a Closed Playtest

SteveHanson from Modiphius posted on the Modiphius Star Trek forum: There will be a play test once we put rules to paper. Right now we’re concerned with what does everyone want. The play test will be conducted like all of our play tests, pdf made available to those in the program. These are not open play […]

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Star Trek Adventures Playtest Update: Closed Beta Testing

So, looks like the upcoming Star Trek playtest will be closed, not open, so even if you’re signed up, there’s no guarantee you’ll be in the playtest. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Supposedly surveys will go out around two weeks after GenCon, and the playtest will start sometime in Sept., with all dates subject […]

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Gauss Rifle

Traveller: Overcoming Combat Armor Near-Invincibility

I posted over on the Traveller forums regarding how best to deal with Combat Armor. Feedback was that best attack against Combat Armor is to use Gauss rifles or Heavy ACRs with AP ammo. Gauss rifle is already AP5, and with AP ammo that becomes AP9, heavy ACRs are not quite as good but cheaper. […]

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GenCon 2016 Review

Disclaimer; I will only comment on what I experienced. This convention was jammed packed with people.  I wonder how long Indianapolis will be able to hold it.  People everywhere. But as always, there are still a lot to experience and wring out of the Convention. The Dealer’s hall.  It was bigger and better than ever.  […]

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Upcoming Games for August

Note: I will keep this blog post updated with game and attendance updates. Saturday Night Games Saturday, August 13 6:30pm — 50 Fathoms (Jeff’s House) Saturday, August 27 6:30pm — 50 Fathoms (Stan’s House) Thursday Night Games Thursday, August 11 6:30pm — Gaslight Heroes [Yes: Mason, Jeff, Todd; No: Kevin, John] Thursday, August 18 6:30pm — […]

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Traveller: Retaking the INS Wolf

On Aug. 4, Mason ran a great game of Traveller, a erstwhile one-shot that will segue into an ongoing ‘B’ campaign he is thinking of running. It was an amazing game! We used 15mm miniatures and a ship map sized to 15mm scale. We also used some transparent templates which proved very useful for blast and […]

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