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Traveller: Overcoming Combat Armor Near-Invincibility

I posted over on the Traveller forums regarding how best to deal with Combat Armor. Feedback was that best attack against Combat Armor is to use Gauss rifles or Heavy ACRs with AP ammo. Gauss rifle is already AP5, and with AP ammo that becomes AP9, heavy ACRs are not quite as good but cheaper.

In our case though, Laser weapons are made for boarding actions, low recoil and not too destructive to the ship. So our best bet on a ship like we were on would be Laser Rifles instead of Laser Carbines.

Gauss Rifle

Gauss Rifle


  1. Mason


    I believe Todd had a Gauss rifle. He had just forgotten it had all of those extras like AP and Auto. If memory serves me right, he could have had three attacks per turn with AP 5. That would have a made a huge difference.

  2. Stan

    That’s us not knowing the rules that well. Our characters would have known better 🙂

    Oh well, that’s why I like doing one-shots and mini-campaigns prior to the main campaign, so we can learn lessons with characters we don’t mind so much getting killed.

  3. Mason

    Yeah. If it had crossed my mind, I would have said something about it. But GMing the scenario had me so focused on what the NPCs had and were doing that the gun he was using never crossed my mind. That and being constantly grappled by John’s character. 🙂

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