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GenCon 2016 Review

GClogo-header-2016-91a751cab7b3dc33dd0ac3b3b95595ac9c4e1b4bc5f42b6388531396cb8729beDisclaimer; I will only comment on what I experienced.

This convention was jammed packed with people.  I wonder how long Indianapolis will be able to hold it.  People everywhere. But as always, there are still a lot to experience and wring out of the Convention.

  1. The Dealer’s hall.  It was bigger and better than ever.  You can really endanger your mortgage payment in there.  So much to buy.  I especially liked DCC, Troll Lord’s, and Hirst Arts.  Dwarven Forge got waaaaay too much of my money.
  2. Baldman games had a good recovery from last year.  The DnD experience was very good, and they had the mustering under control.  It was a good story line.  But still no swag.  Not that I am overly fussy, but come on guys.  Maybe an advanced copy of the Storm Giant book?  Give me a little extra for my $150 please.
  3. Star Wars Edge of Empire continues to be a highlight.  But you wonder why FFG doesn’t support it more.  I think this system could conquer the earth if given more support.  And Emory loves to play the Wookie and tear arms off NPCs. Good Times.
  4. Support for RPGs is at an all time high.  From coins, to Syrinscape, to terrain pieces and models, we are in the golden age of RPG support products.
  5. People still bring their babies in strollers.  You see this on the weekends, and I guess Midwesterners don’t trust or can’t get babysitters.  I’m not sure why you would drag your six-month old to a jam packed convention full of BO and sleepy gamers.  Its like a powder keg waiting to go off. “Hey, Cole (Insert stupid millennial name here), stop the baby from swallowing that d20!”
  6. Greyhawk Reborn will be skipped from now on.  Evidently there are rules, rules that cannot be broken.  Sorry, playing a first level character amongst fourth level characters may feed your ego, but being a sideline character es no Bueno.  Take these rules and shove it, I ain’t gaming here no more.
  7. Southwest has a non-stop from Dallas to Indianapolis.  1h 50m.  You have no excuses.

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  1. Stan

    Awesome writeup! Wish I could have been there! Probably will be post-kids-in-college (two years from now) before I make the splurge again.

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