Note: I will keep this blog post updated with game and attendance updates.

Saturday Night Games

  • Saturday, August 13 6:30pm — 50 Fathoms (Jeff’s House)
  • Saturday, August 27 6:30pm — 50 Fathoms (Stan’s House)

Thursday Night Games

  • Thursday, August 11 6:30pm — Gaslight Heroes [Yes: Mason, Jeff, Todd; No: Kevin, John]
  • Thursday, August 18 6:30pm — d100 Legend (Game of Thrones-Style Fantasy) 1-Shot (Stan’s House) — Mason would like to playtest a gritty d100-based Fantasy system called ‘Legend’ which is a variation of Runequest (the d100 system that powers Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer and others). If we like the system, this system could potentially power a Game of Thrones style gritty fantasy campaign with House Management. We’re kicking the tires on the system to see if we like it; plus it will be a great, fun one-shot! [Yes: Mason, Stan, Robert, Chris, John; No: Kevin; Maybe: Jeff, Todd]
  • Thursday, August 25 6:30pm — Gaslight Heroes [Yes: Mason, John, Jeff, Todd; Maybe: Kevin]

Ragnarok Group Game

  • No game this month due to John’s birthday bash