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Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 04

It is a dark time for our heroes. In a rush to rendezvous with Skelly Kandos on Thrin, the crew of the O.R.C. Tyrannus takes off—without checking their ship for deadly, hissing space-assassin-ninjas. It proves to be a fatal mistake. Halfway to the moon, the crew is ambushed by five assassins. Surrounded, A9-LX is reduced […]

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50 Fathoms: Session 12-The Admirals Proposal

The Admirals Proposal Characters: Mordecai Liam Bracus Rodrigo Date: 9-26-15 XP: 2 Recap: The Crew found themselves “guests” of Admiral Duckworth while they discussed the events that occurred. Duckworth informed them that because they did not have a Letter of Marque they were technically illegal in capturing any ships but he would not press that […]

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