Liberator battle

The Liberator No More


  • Mordecai
  • Liam
  • Daxon
  • Crow
  • Bracus
  • Rodrigo

Date: 9-19-15

XP: 2


The Crew flush from the victory at Jomba town and with new found treasure earned, sped away to New Madrid to purchase a new ship. Bracus managed to find a good deal on a Brigantine which they named the Liberator. Spending a several days hauling cargo trying to earn some spending money the Crew decided  their last haul would be to New Madrid and then they would head South to find Tressa the Red to discover what is happening with the flooding of Caribdus.

A day out of New Madrid they spotted a Sloop sneaking up on them and decided to engage it. The Sloop was not flying any flags and soon opened fired, confirming it was a pirate ship after all.  After several cannon exchanged they spotted another Brig sailing in to support the Sloop. Being out numbed the Crew found themselves getting heavily damage. Suddenly they spotted a massive Man of War coming into to join the battle and it was none other than Admiral Duckworth with the  HMS Justice coming to their aid.

Unfortunately before the Justice could bear down on the pirates, the Brig fired off a well placed shot and managed to hit the gunpowder magazine causing the ship to explode into a mess of fire, cargo and debris. The Crew was left injured and floating on wreckage. Crow  and Daxson flew/swam over to the injured Sloop(which was close) and managed to take it over and rescue what remained of the Crew out of the ocean with it.

Rather than run, the Crew sped to assist Duckworth in taking over the Pirate Brig and arrived just in time to assist with the boarding action. Clearing off the ship with Duckworth and his Marines the Crew was safe but their future unsure.

They lost four crew members during the explosion, their ship and most of their cargo was presumed lost..what was next?

Crow- This log covers the events of Session 8 and 11:

As Death surrounds us, we fly up and define the moment, as it DOES not define us.

– Through the Eyes of a Crow

These past few weeks with my people in Maroa have been amazing. I am filled with energy and passion to live and change the world for the better. I found out my true name, uncovered the knowledge of my parents, realized my purpose and find there is more to life than just survival it’s just Irie. (Jamacian word for excellent).

My friends can still call me Crow, but my name (and I swell with pride when I say it) is Kadian of the Noble house Letia. I am a proud Atani, part of a great people, not this strange bat creature that children whisper about when they see in the alleyways. I am Shiani, a keeper of the Hearwood (a Druid of sorts), a rare magical being who will serve my people and the forests we must preserve. My hair and skin color have slightly altered as these new powers of the Shiani present themselves. I now have a greenish/gold tint in my hair and on my wings, it’s amazing. I can also shift into creatures of the sky and summon winds around my body for protection. I am deeply blessed by the sprits of the Carroway.

During my time in Maroa, I discovered my parents were amazing Diplomats or so I am told. The story of their disappearance started with them, brining me at age 4, to the Kieran empire. They were petitioning “The Great Whale” to create a protective grove of Carroway trees. This mighty grove existed before the great flood. It was on that mission, that my parents went missing some 13 years ago. It is said “The Great Whale” locked them away, a complete breach of diplomatic protocol. And only days later my people petitioned for my freedom, I was taken back on a boat and when the flood hit. And this is how I was lost on the Island of “Torath-Ka”, my home for many years, until Captain Abram Jones found me.

Anyway, I realized that my friends who have cared for me and guided me are my true family. As much as I care for my people, the Atani, these men on the ship of the Jonas are my true family. So in my new found purpose to protect the forests and this planet, I make way for Jomba town, I flew and glided a long way transformed by my new powers as a Shiani into a Carroway Screecher (it looks like a falcon but with a greenish gold hue). Heading to see my great friends who may have saved my very soul, the two great men Captain Liam and Father Rodrigo and of course the rest of the crew.

As I arrived over Jomba town and saw the Jonas, our study ship, I thought I would make a grand entrance. I was still transformed into a Carroway Screacher, so I landed on the crow’s nest of our ship as this greenish/gold falcon of sorts. Then before the very eyes of the crew, I transformed into the Crow, the friend they had known for some time. Captain Liam, the Father Rodrigo, Brachus and Mordecai all welcomed me. Daxon seemed busy working below decks.

I discussed my new purpose saving the forest and the world from the great flood and pleaded with my friends to help aid the forests and the planet. They agreed… I also gave a precious Carroway fruit to Father Rodrigo who had healed me at a critical moment as a gift and thanked Liam and the father both for their role in my salvation.

So we were off, it was great to be rigging the ship and latter sitting in MY crow’s nest. Brachus claimed they have enough money to buy a brand new Brigandine, they will call her the Liberator and mount a bust of that woman who they said was beautiful on the front of our ship.

We set sail in this new vessel with some cargo, after the captain calmed the crew over matters of money. We delivered our first cargo and then picked up lumber. Ah the smell of the sea is such a mighty thing, it was wonderful to be back.

We then, set sail again, I thought it was beautiful travelling with the Captain at the helm, expertly steering and Mordecai using his wind magic to accelerate the ship, we were making amazing time.

Then I saw a Sloop and called to the captain. He readied us to battle stations as another ship broke the horizon it was another Brigantine. Two pirates were upon us.

The Captain spun to broadside. Mordecai fired the first 8 pounder and hit the sloop hard, damaging the rudder

I then fired at the Brigantine and hit some powder on the deck it must have started a fire.

Then it happened, a lucky Shot by the Pirate Brigantine and BOOM…

As my sense returned, amazingly I was blown clear of the wreckage. I saw dead bodies in the water, I scanned to see my family.


My purpose is NOT complete and this MOMENT will NOT define us, the luckly accident we will shape into our destiny.

I quickly convert to a Carroway Screecher, and hear from Brachus going in and out of consciousness breath, get the Sloop. So I fly with intense speed as I see Daxon dive into the water to follow me. I make it to the sloop, it’s crew already decimated by Mordecia’s expert 8 pound cannon shots and I quickly as a Carroway Screecher Peck eyes from the Captain of Sloop. Then mustering all the training that Captain Liam has given me, I turn the Sloop and head to get my family.

Once they board this Sloop, Captain Liam takes the helm and I am off again flying to the Brigantine. I then see the MASSIVE ship in the distance. It’s engaging the other Pirate Brigantine. It’s Admiral Duckworth’s ship.

I see Duckworth on the Brigantine, leading the fight engaged with the Pirate captain. I hit the pirate captain hard with my talons and begin to peck at his eyes. He is stunned by my attackes and seems to go off balance, attempting to fend me off. I also see the Pirate Captain before I arrive had wounded Duckworth, so I will try to protect the Admiral.

Then I am there pecking and clawing and suddenly Daxon, my good friend Daxon jumps from our Sloop that is beside the pirate Ship and stabs the Pirate captain twice with his daggers and flings the body overboard. There is a great hurrah. The Admiral ask us to help fight the rest of the crew, which my family has already defeated to the Admirals surprise.

I then land on the deck in front of the admiral and transform kneeling before Admiral Duckwoth, and introduce myself as Kadian of the Noble house Letia. At his service.

Next our family starts to discuss with the Admiral the fineries of the laws of maritime salvage and the unique situation that has just occurred. I beam with pride to realize my family will NOT be defined by a Moment, but it’s US who defined that Moment not random chance.

Legend of the crew who lost their ship and captured not just one but, with the help of the Admiral TWO will live on!

Father Rodrigo

April 10, 1571

Dearest Abuela,

Agua is everywhere, and not just on this Purgatorio of a land.   It is in everything, including me.  God Almighty has given me the power to heal through water.  It is a gift beyond imagination.  I try to heal as many as He allows, day and night.  I am compelled.  I will not falter.  As to Agua, I am reminded:

Then God said to Noah and to his sons with him:  “I now establish my covenant with you and with your descendants after you and with every living creature that was with you—the birds, the livestock and all the wild animals, all those that came out of the ark with you—every living creature on earth.  I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.”
   And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come:  I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.  Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds,  I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.  Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”
 So God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all life on the earth.”

Abuela, our Brigantine was destroyed, as if by providence.  I fear not, however, for we still live.  I can still heal. And just like our mighty ship was returned to the water and one day I will be returned to the water, I remember that this covenant must be earned.   Fought for.  Sacrificed for.  Like Noah.  So that eventually we all reach shore and dry land.

Fr. Rodrigo Salvatore

Captain Liam

Captain’s Log,


It’s gone.  All of it.  The ship, most of the crew, and our cargo.  Even the small memento of my wife’s is at the bottom of the sea or destroyed.  Lost forever.  I alone am responsible.  Some may argue it was just a lucky shot, but no matter.  I was captain and it was my decision to engage the pirates.  It was my poor judgement that cost us everything.  Most of my men, who trusted me enough to accept a delay in their wages, are dead because of me.  I have failed them all as their captain.


Now my heart is overburdened with regret, hate, and fury.   Regret for my decision.  Hate for my overconfidence.  Fury for the scum pirates that came for us.  Amends must be made.  So I will do everything in my power to secure the pirate brig from Admiral Duckworth and his superiors.  That will, at least, allow me to return the lost investment of my friends.  If I fail at even that, how can I continue as their captain?  What will be left for me but a heart full of  hate and fury.


One way or another, I will make amends.