Author Mark Jeffrey is using a free, fully-produced MP3 audiobook performance online to promote book sales. The Pocket and the Pendant is read by the author and accompanied by soundtrack music by composer Bjorn Lynne (

Mark Jeffrey, together with scifi/fantasy website, has so far released five chapters of his book, with nine more to go. The free podcast is available from,, and the book’s website at

Podcasting is a new technology, similar to blogging three years ago. Here is an overview of podcasting:

Says Jeffrey:

There really aren’t a lot of free MP3 audiobooks out there, which really surprises me. It’s a great way to promote paperback and hardback novels, as well as give your existing audience a new way to experience the book.

Asked if he thought he was cannibalizing sales, Jeffrey said:

Absolutely not. We’re already seeing thousands of downloads each week, and new listeners are emailing me that they are purchasing paperback copies on Amazon as a direct result of listening to the podcasts. is currently featuring three free podcast audiobooks, or ‘podiobooks’: “Morevi” by Tee Morris, “Earthcore” by Scott Sigler and “The Pocket and the Pendant” by Mark Jeffrey. New episodes for each – usually a chapter or two – are released each week. Subscribers use popular ‘podcatchers’ such as iPodder or other applications to get the new audio content delivered to them automatically.

Jeffrey says:

Podcasting is an amazing thing. It’s like TiVo for audio.