You can test your book marketing knowledge free of charge at the Mid-Western Christian Book Fair website,

I took the quiz and I got all but one right according to them.

According to Paschal Eze, director of the annual Mid-Western Christian Book Fair in Iowa, this free service is not only helping Christian authors get a better understanding of the very dynamic and challenging book marketing landscape but also fine-tuning their book marketing strategies to ensure better performance in the market place.

“So far, out of the many authors that have taken part in this book marketing quiz, only one has got all the answers correctly but that does not mean the quiz is difficult,” explains Rev. Eze whose Mid-Western Christian Book Fair attracts Christian authors, publishers, book dealers, Bible printers and Christian book lovers from across the country and beyond.

Christian authors who get all the answers correctly are given 30% discount on the very low author exhibition fee for the September 23-24, 2005 Mid-Western Christian Book Fair.