When Dan Brown’s best-selling novel, “The Da Vinci Code”, exploded onto the literary scene in 2003, a flood of books entered the market to debunk it’s heresies. Now come two parady books, both titled The Givenchy Code.

The first on the bookshelves, published January 2005, is author E.R. Escober’s version. Its complete book title is The Givenchy Code: An Homage and a Parody.

Due out in June 2005 is the second Givenchy Code by author Julie Kenner. Its complete book title is The Givenchy Code: Cryptography Is The New Black.

Givenchy Code Covers

What’s in store for these two parodies of the same title? Well, first there’s the question of whether Escober and Kenner could sue each other for using the same title. Since book titles cannot be copyrighted that may not happen. Will The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown sue them the way the Mitchell estate sued the publishers of The Wind Done Gone, a parody of Gone With the Wind? As for these two parodies of the same book title, they’ll probably join the numerous books that have hit the bookshelves in hopes of cashing in on the novel’s popularity such as: Cracking Da Vinci Code: You’ve Read the Fiction Now Read The Facts; Decoding Da Vinci; and The Da Vinci Hoax: The Truth About Jesus, Christianity, Mary Magdalene and The Da Vinci Code. All are currently selling quite well.

ER Escober’s The Givenchy Code: An Homage And A Parody is now available at xlibris.com and amazon.com.

Julie Kenner’s The Givenchy Code: Cryptography is The New Black can be pre-ordered at amazon.com.