On Khubeaie, Isshtatha finds Chien, an old wookiee friend from the Imperial Slave Mines. They share a furry, growling reunion, and compare notes on the best brand of flea collar.

Rel helps Dredge construct a light saber, which he uses to dice cucumbers, carrots, and Imperial bounty hunters.

The group heads to Kwenn space station, where the Star Destroyer Relentless is docked for repairs. They must rescue undercover rebel spy, Dana Prenteen.

Daymont’s bar fight gets interrupted when his assailant is stabbed.

Carrying the stabbing victim to sick bay, Cornelius gets covered in foul-smelling disease-blood, ruining his chances of getting a date with a hot Jawa.

The rest of the rebels find Dana, but too late. She’s unconscious, surrounded by bounty hunters and an Imperial officer.

Dr. Tark Malin leaps into action and runs up to the bad guys, and says, “You found my sister!”

The bounty hunters stand confused.

Tark grabs Dana and sprints away, thanks to the power of his Rapid Happy Orb™.

The rebels kill the bad guys and run.

On the Tyranus, Tark finds Dana’s final transmission: Commander Adar Tallon, hero of the Old Republic, is alive. He’s hiding on Tatooine. The crew must find him before the Imperial bounty hunters do….