As the Empire ramps up its Thorilide mining operations on Vor Deo and its moon, Thrin, the Rebels grow concerned.

Meanwhile, the crew of the O.R.C Tyrannus, all sworn to the Rebel Alliance for their own reasons, detours their cargo run for a top-secret Rebel mission: to pick up Agent Lu’Nimah.

But instead of finding Lu’Nimah, the Tyrannus finds only the Star Destroyer, Ultimatum, under the command of the despicable cyborg, Count Vidian. The quick-thinking teamwork of A9-LX and Vin Sai, however, narrowly averts disaster.

Once on Vor Deo, the Tyrannus crew delivers their payload of Baradium for Moonglow Polychemical, and then follows a lead to the grub restaurant of Bennbus Polag in Tanga City. The grubs are good and the information better—the crew gets the last-known coordinates for Lu’Nimah.

They find and rescue her at the bottom of a crumbling mineshaft, only to discover that they have been betrayed by a spy. The 20 Storm Troopers sent to kill them, however prove no match for the ragtag rebels and Dr. Tark Malin’s Rapid Happy Orb.

Now the rebels receive instructions for a secret rendezvous on Thrin despite the threat of Count Vidian and his retinue of Stormtroopers …