I’m digging through my archives of RPG notes and ran across this paragraph — a pitch for a sci fi superheroes campaign which I never got around to running. I was a big fan of Jim Starlin’s ‘Dreadstar’ comic series back in the 1980s, and this campaign is an homage to that pulpy space opera setting. We’ll see if I ever get around to running this — I would probably use Fate or QuestWorlds as the ruleset if I did! Here’s the pitch:

Starblade Campaign Pitch

X-Men meets Star Wars. A 250-year-old war rages. Legends say the war started over an insignificant planet called Kradax. Two neighboring empires claimed it, and for reasons long forgotten, thought it was worth going to war over. Nowadays, only a few galactic historians even recall the planet’s name. Those who started the conflict are long dead, but the two empires continue on in a war that has no end in sight. Queen Malkana now rules the empire known as the Monarchy which spans half of known space. Her dynasty of many centuries controls a highly skilled and well-paid galactic navy. Opposing her from his crystal throne sits The Lord Trans-Papal, the immortal leader of the Technocracy. The Technocracy is a dread scientific-transdimensional-religious order which rules an empire spanning half the galaxy through its army of zealot techno-clerics who enforce their rigid orthodoxy (along with the occasional mass inquisition). While entire planets die overnight in the ongoing mad conflict, a few heroes stand against the darkness. A group of fugitives have acquired superpowers and various uncanny skills. Aboard their rebel ship, they hatch a plan to disrupt the endless conflict between the two major forces in the galaxy: the Monarchy and the Technocracy. Much depends on recovering the fabled starblade, an ancient, alien artifact whose powers both Queen Malkana and The Lord Trans-Papal fear.