Our colonists, fresh from saving the lumberjacks from the Kobold scourge, next followed a map found in the Kobold lair to perhaps find a cure for the Bloody Pox. Added to the map was information giving by the sole survivor of the previous colony, Jacob Bluecastle. He let it be known that the Bloody Pox could be cured, and the cure perhaps found in the far off Kobold King’s demense.

So our colonists set out south, towards a tower as indicated on the map. Through snow, across the flat plains, the party journeyed for days until they found a mysterious tower, 80 feet high and alone in the plain. It’s manufacture odd, with technology lost to the current times. The party entered the tower, and almost immediately fought a scouting party of Kobolds who had taken up residence in the Tower. The battle was close, but the colonists prevailed. After finding out information about the bloody Pox and it’s possible origin, the party went upstairs, to find Kobold Artificers had fled, and a strange portal on the top floor. It appeared to be a teleportation device, maybe linked to many others. The cure seemed closer all of a sudden, and yet, wrapped in danger.