The Prince and the Crow’s Last Flight



  • Kaliferous: Kraken mage
  • Rodrigo: Human priest and water Mage from Earth
  • Mordecai: Human Air Mage Puritan from Earth
  • Crow/Kadian: Atani guardian of the Great Tree

Date: 1/14/17 and 2/4/17

XP: 5 total



Part One-

After their pivotal role in the Battle for Baltimus and true to their words Duckworth and Enrico provided valuable information on the possible location of Prince Alain- Tulago.

The Crew struck out immediately and on route discovered a gruesome sight. They found a nearly burnt out ship with the crew hacked to pieces with only a single survivor. This poor fellow was missing his hands, ears and fed his nose. He told the Crew of a pirate ship that attacked them and their “red eyed captain” who butchered his mates did this to him. The description of the evil captain matched James Lowe, the same survivor the Crew rescued at sea over a year previous…and worse yet he was headed towards Tulago. (see “Fun at Brigandy Bay” and “Adventures of Stumpy Pete, Part 1”)


Commandeering the damaged ship and with Crow at the helm, the small fleet arrived at Tulago at night only to find it swarming with seven pirate ships and their crew. While the Liberator’s Wrath hung back, Crow sailed directly to port only realizing his danger too late and was forced beached his vessel in order to escape into the jungle.


Now split, Crow fled into the jungle while the rest of the Crew decided stealth was the better choice. Both parties eventually met up, but along the way fought, killed and questioned several Pirate search parties and did some preliminary scouting of the town. They found Tulago infested with pirates and most of the civilians escaped and living in jungle. They also discovered the true name of the pirate captain: Edward Lowe a notoriously vicious pirate from Earth.


Part Two-

Formulating a plan, the Crew snuck into town pretending to be pirates and managed to locate the  safe house where Alain was being held without being caught. Father Rodrigo caused a distraction with the guards while Mordecai and Kal snuck inside the building. There they found several Ghouls and two powerful vampires garding the Prince. Using the power of Faith the Crew was able to drive away the vampires only to find a badly drained and wounded Alain. He told them that Lowe had frantically given his father’s sword to Blackbeard a few days ago in an attempt to keep him from attacking and that the vampires have been feeding and trying to turn him.

Meanwhile, Crow mingled with the drunken pirates and set up carefully hidden chair explosives scattered throughout the center of the festivities. He then took flight and set up a distraction by sabotaging three of the pirate ships causing their magazines to explode. While at the same time setting off the chair explosives. This caused havoc in the town and killing many many pirates.

Unfortunately seeing the ships explode the rest of the Crew, having recovered Alain, ran to the docks only to find himself pinned between the water and a very angry and, much more numerous than they anticipated, mass of pirates. Mordecai cleverly cast flight allowing the Crew to escape but not without taking some damage.

Crow seeing that the pirates were not wiped out and Lowe still alive, bravely flew to face him one on one while while his mates ran to catch up. Crow attempted to use explosives to catch Low unaware, but Lowe proved too wily and Crow got unfortunately got caught in his own blast, wounding him. Edward Lowe then spun and deftly fired two magical pistols point-blank at Crow making him fall out of the air unconscious. To his friends horror, he then proceed to “Clip the little birdies wings” savaging Crows wings and killing him in brutal revenge for bombing his pirate crew. Thus the last flight of Crow ended, but his sacrifice would not be in vain.

While Lowe was preoccupied with his gruesome task, the Crew caught him square in the back killing him instantly. To their great dismay they discovered their friends body and a strange black staff that Lowe had held. Mordecai  was instantly drawn to the staff and he found himself bound to its magical energies. This staff was self aware and very powerful, a twin to the one his cousin Solomon Kane used to fight evil back on Earth.

The Crew escaped to their ship without the sword and missing a good friend and unsure where to turn next.

Will this break the spirit of the Crew? Or will they keep fighting to the bitter end?




See full backstory:

Crow’s Teen Years and life aboard the Liberator’s Wrath

  • Over the year’s Crow does his duty In the crow’s nest and aspires to be first mate, then captain.
  • Father Rodrigo gives crow a bible and he learns to read.
  • He then starts secretly dabbling in blood magic
  • He later returns to his homeland with Liam, Father Rod and with the help of his friends is purged of the blood magic and becomes a Shanti the nature warrior of his people.
  • Fighting by the side of the crew they have many adventures.
  • He sails all over Carribdus and sees almost all the lands, truly falling in love with his world and waiting to save all from the flood.
  • Later, he Frees Kal from the Great Whales prison (returning to where he was held as a baby), Mordeki saves Crow that day, sees his friend and second mentor Captain Liam loses his life.
  • He sees the great ship of the Kraken, helps secure the weapon that may help defeat the sea hags.
  • Meets the Courtesans of Baltamus and throws a mighty party for his family the crew.

Crow’s Last Day- Death at 18 years of age

Something in his stomach was not right, he somehow feared this place.  Was it the massive number of pirates that we faced, was it these African slaves, like his first family, being poorly treated by the Pirates.  Something did not set right to Crow and he was nervous and tentative in his decision making.  He felt a dark foreboding even before they entered village, but they MUST find the sword that may one day save Caribdus.   

Then finally in his last day, he is the acting captain (the role he aspired to) and orders the attack on the Pirates to secure the sword that may one day kill the hags.

In this day, he and the crew sneak into the village in pirate uniforms.   Crow will fight bravely on his last day.  But regret fills his heart, for to give us a chance to secure the sword and save Caribdus, he makes a tough choice to kill some innocents (the very slaves of his own beginning).  

As he lights the secret hidden gunpowder he quotes the book he used to learn to read John 3:15 “That whosoever believe in him should not perish, but have eternal life..”  Crow wishing in his heart that a greater power will sort out the innocents he will destroy with this act.  A tear running down his face as he explodes bombs by the fire and kills some 60 + pirates and a few innocents. 

Then Crow transforms into his carroway screecher form, races to the docs and proceeds to destroy 3 of the 7 ships in the harbor through stealth, transformative magic and guile.

Next as he heads towards a forth ship he sees is friends surrounded and fighting on the beach.  Crow feeling that loyalty for his crew abandons his personal attempt sink the pirate fleet and races ashore.

When he arrives, the crew flees with Mordeki’s flight spell to a safer local on the island, but catches a glimpse of the pirate leader.

Crow decides to take the last cask of gunpowder and fly over to attempt to quickly end this fight, some over 300 pirates, not 150 like once thought are swarming the area.  Something must be done to cut the head from the snake.  In addition, as Father Rod, Mordecai and Cal had freed the noble prisoner, we still weren’t sure if this Pirate captain has the sword or traded it to Blackbeard and to save Carribus we had to know, our lives are worth saving this world.

Crow transforms into carroway flys over, transforms flat on the roof into his normal form, lights the gunpower on a 12 second fuse.  He creeps to the edge, somehow in the fire and chaos, he locks eyes with the Pirate Captain.  The captain seeing the wick of the gunpowder backs away and fires his flintlock at crow to no avail.   Crow leaps from the building, buoyed by the fire and hot burning flames below, he gains altitude and closes on the pirate leader.

Crow has 6 seconds left before it will explode and he must reach this evil man.  Then crow realizing he has the advantage, must wait to see how the captain reacts.  The captain fires twice, one deflecting off Captain Liam’s sword hit (what luck) and the second bullet sinks into crows arm.  In that moment at crow then launches himself forward gliding above the pirate, he must throw the explosive, and in that moment loses his grip on the bomb.  It falls short of the pirate and explodes.  Crow it caught in the blast and pulls his legs up to avoid the explosive…

Next the pirate had the advantage moved up and shot twice into crow at point blank range, Crow fell to the ground bleeding out of his brain.  Surely damaged in some permanent way as he hits the ground with a crunch..

At that moment, Mordecai, Father Rod and Kal come around the side of the building.  They start to engage the Pirate Captain.  The vengeful captain lifts Crow up as his lifeblood pours out and cuts off his wing in retribution for crew killing over 60 of his crew and destroying 3 of his ships..   The light of the Shani, flows out of crow’s body, as Mordecai  rushes up and swiftly slays the Pirate Captain.  

Crow’s spirit flows out of his body, looking down and smiles.   We know the sword is with Black beard, we have saved the young Noble.  We are one step closer to saving Carribdus, my life had meaning.  I will miss my crew.  I go now to merge with the Carroway tree my spirt will give back and enrich my people….

A tear flows down his cheek as he sees his family for the last time……