Our intrepid colonists tracked down the kobold force, and the five lumberjacks that had been absconded with and taken to the kobold hold. The trail stayed warm, and as the party turned the corner, they were blasted by three kobold Fire casters. After a close battle, the party continued into the depths of the kobold caves, where they found the foul dragon kin had made it their home. Exploring ever deeper into the caves, they finally came upon three kobold alchemists, and a blue Dragon Wyrmling on a collar with the Kobold Chieftain. A nasty fight ensued, but the partyy was victorious.

The luberjacks were rescued, as was a longtime settler from the Gothic Empire, Jacob Bluecastle. jacob let the party know about a cure for the bloody pox, and that a map found in the caves contained the way to the kobold King’s hold. The party looked around the caves, and decided to return at some future time. But for now, they returned back to Vidorville as heroes, lifting the spirits of the settlers. the lumberjacks had been rescued and safety returned to the Colony.