Campaign News

Lots of updates on our Heroes of Arnor campaign!
  • Read the recap of our last adventure (Chapter Two).
  • I’ve added two new maps of Arnor region and Elnost locale using a cool, scrollable map technology. Click the full-screen icon on the top right on the maps page — how cool! BTW, if anyone wants to use maps like these for your campaigns, it’s a plugin I bought and installed in WordPress called Mapplic (read the docs here), or I can train you in person how to use it if you like.
  • Read the official rules clarifications on our questions about the Journey Rules which I got from Jon Hodgson at Cubicle 7. I also added a resource page, renamed the top menu item to ‘Middle-earth’, and organized all our new content I’m mentioning under that menu.
  • I’ve also reread how Skills Checks work in 5e, and earlier posted on skill checks best practices, including Tracking.

Industry News

I ran a converted adventure of The One Ring adventure ‘The Battle for Ringfort’ a few months ago. Someone recently ran this game and constructed some cool terrain — see his full set of photos on this blog post. I love it! I aspire to build terrain and have better production values in the years ahead. So cool!

Cubicle 7 has unveiled the cover to the forthcoming Adventures in Middle-earth Loremaster’s Guide by renowned fantasy artist Ralph Horsley. See below.