I’m now in Round 2 of considering games I’d like to run in 2021. After discussions with my game group, we’re no looking at longer term campaign options, not just B-Campaign backup games. Here’s an overview of my preferred games.

There are a few systems which I’d love to run sometime but I don’t want to run until probably middle of 2021:

  • Firefly — I’m waiting on Fandom’s new Cortex app which should release next year; will help make running the game easier and faster, especially if running the game remotely.
  • Heroes of Brittania — This will be a home-brew Saxon era game, but I’d like to read The Last Kingdom book series before I take this on.
  • Traveller — We just finished playing this most of 2020, so want a bit of a break before jumping into this system again (but rest assured, I’ll be back to running Traveller someday!).
  • Star Wars — I want to wait until my Rarescape game is fully baked and released since it will have some great rules I want to integrate into my next Star Wars campaign, in particular, a revamped Force Powers subsystem. Also, I want the High Republic books be released (they start coming out in January) since this is possibly the setting I’d like to use.
  • D&D — Some of the guys want a break from D&D, and D&D is a bit more challenging to run virtually compared to some of the other games.

All that being said, here are the top five campaigns I’ll be floating to my game group which I could possibly run in 2021:

Star Trek (The Original Series)

Game system: Rarescape D6 or Far Trek, a lightweight system using a 3d6 mechanic inspired by Microlite 20. Either system will include original series flavored mechanics such as rules for Red Shirts.

Setting Overview: You play a crew aboard a Saladin class single-nacelle Federation starship exploring the Taurus Reach during The Original Series era. We will allow for troupe-play of characters.

Tone: Thematically it’s based around The Original Series, which has a more “action captain” ’50s pulp SF aesthetic.

Key Adventure Activity:  Your crew explores scientific enigmas, first contact, strange aliens, and gets to explore interpersonal relationships with the large crew. It will be troupe play — you will have both a Bridge Crew and a Lowers Decks / Away Team character. You can play weird alien crewmembers if you like!

Campaign Length: 6-8 games, can run it as a Season One, with option to do a Season Two later in the year if there is interest.

Paleomythic (Stone Age)

Game system: Paleomythic, a highly lethal stone-age game (think Conan but with primitive weapons) where weapons can break, knowledge is scarce, magic is weak, monsters are always overpowered dangerous beasts, and the weather can kill you just as easily as a saber tooth tiger.

Setting Overview: In ages past, the many tribes of man live, survive, explore, and fight their way across the ancient, lost continent of Mu while dealing with cultists, beasts, enemy tribes, serpent and toad people, and ancient and deadly mysteries.

Tone: Gritty and survivalist where having a strip of leather to repair your broken stone axe can make the difference between life and death.

Key Adventure Activity:  You struggle to survive while exploring a strange world full of ancient mysteries and deal with hostile rival tribes and strange beast-men.

Campaign Length: 6-10 games, can run it as a Season One, with option to do a Season Two later in the year if there is interest.

Agon (Mythical Greek Age)

Game system: Agon, a brand-new game system from acclaimed game designer John Harper, this fast-paced game features heroic adventure, simple characters and mechanics, quick location-based adventures, and one-roll conflict resolution, with rules for creating your epic heroes, earning Glory for their Names, and forging their eternal legends.

Setting Overview: On their way back home from war, a band of heroes become lost among strange islands populated by mythical creatures, dangerous villains, legendary kingdoms, and desperate people—each entangled in strife, at the mercy of the capricious gods.

Tone: Epic and heroic where your hair flows in the wind and you deal with monsters, mortals, and the gods.

Key Adventure Activity:  Your travel from island to island dealing with local mysteries and dangers, all the while building your own personal legendary story.

Campaign Length: 6-8 games.

War in Welcant (Gritty Fantasy)

Game system: Dungeon World, a Powered by the Apocalypse D&D style fantasy system which includes holding rules.

Setting Overview: In the Welcant region of Redmark, the Empress is away at war. A mysterious figure called the Green King has invaded and killed the major rulers. After years of oppression, it is up to you and your fellow heroes to begin a war of liberation.

Tone: Think Game of Thrones meets Robin Hood.

Key Adventure Activity:  You go from region to region making alliances, facing traitors, and building holdings to wage civil war.

Campaign Length: 6-10 games.

Monster of the Week (Urban Fantasy)

Game system: Monster of the Week, a Powered by the Apocalypse system which includes holding rules.

Setting Overview: We’d pick a major city (New York, Dallas, etc.) and you play Dresden Files / Supernatural / Buffy style monster hunters.

Tone: Up to players; could be dark or light-hearted.

Key Adventure Activity:  You fight supernatural forces in a sandbox city campaign. Stan and Chris could co-GM this since we are both fans.

Campaign Length: 6-10 games, can run it as a Season One, with option to do a Season Two later in the year if there is interest. Can co-GM with Chris who is also interested in this setting.