PrintEvil Hat, the makers of Fate, have a new program to promote the Fate platform. It’s called the Evil Hat Street Team.

The concept is simple. We have five Street Team challenges listed below. As you’ll see, the list is really varied. Our goal was to make sure that every person in the Evil Hat Community can easily complete at least one task if they choose to do so. There are tasks that are affordable and tasks that are quick, tasks that happen online and tasks that happen at your Friendly Local Gaming Store.

And the reward for participating?

All participants will receive a PDF
of Shannon Appelcline’s Designers & Dragons: The 70s, when it becomes available. This RPG history profiles some of the industry greats like TSR, and we can guarantee that you’ll want volumes 2-4 when they come out. You’ll also get an ebook of Dinocalypse Now by Chuck Wendig. This novel has everything: excitement, pulp adventurers, and psychosaurs. And at the end of this event, we’re going to pick three runners-up, who will receive a free download of their choice from the Evil Hat store. And one grand prize winner, who gets to choose between two prizes: Option A: Up to $50 worth of products from the Evil Hat store, plus one set of Fate dice (your choice). Option B: All the downloads. That’s right; you get every downloadable PDF we have available at the end of the event.