Inside the medical area the party spotted a gruesome medic performing horrible experiments on all sorts of bodies…or what would once be considered bodies. Horribly malformed and mutilated, the bodies began to stir, waking and pursuing the heroes. Instinctively attacking, the party set to work and laid waste to the foul creatures, and eventually setting upon the mad doctor himself. Realizing it was another undead beast, nothing was off limits and his destruction was swift (but not painless).

Beyond the medical bay stood a long narrow hallway with no doorways, only a left turn many feet down. Following the hallway, the heroes turned the corner and immediately felt the presence of all things wrong, unholy and foul. Sensing urgency in the situation, the religious leaders (Marcus and Lundie) burst through the doors in front of them and stared in awe at the desecrated temple. Large enough to appear as though it did not belong in this small of an area but small enough to feel as though it was constantly closing in on them, this room was wrong and unholy. As the heroes began making their way into the sanctuary, shrines to Margon were noted and immediately four large spirits appeared and attacked. These large 8-foot tall creatures resembled what was left of some form of human, but far too tall and certainly ghastly.

Wading in, these spectral monstrosities flew in and around the combatants and hit immensely hard. After nearly being felled by wicked blows from these four kings, the party focused fire and took them down one by one. Striking hard and fast they were able to pick the kings off, and had the foresight to destroy them completely with radiant magic. Having defeated the enemies and knowing that their escape was looming, Lundie and Marcus could not leave the sanctuary in such a state. They chose to spend time and forego some rest in order to cleanse the temple as best they could with their limited time.

Seeing one ominous staircase at the back of the sanctuary the party struck out, determined to find their exit. Down the seemingly endless steps laid a single door in a small landing area. More and more foul energy emanated from behind the closed door and the heroes booted in the door to face whatever evil lay beyond.

Inside this carved out cave of a room lay the plague maiden herself. The leader of the Conclave of Dreams, corrupted with undead energy, cackled and whispered something in a language our heroes could not speak. Choking on the noxious fumes, the heroes saw a way out and set out to lay this awful creature to rest. Struggling against the horrible aura that this woman (or former woman) had upon her, Marcus and Quintos teamed up to take her out in hand-to-hand combat while Lundie focused his holy damage upon her in an attempt to striker her from existence. Ghost Dancer, sensing the need of the group threw a series of support spells and damage spells, drawing both attention and her ire. Each contribution was of enormous help but each hit they dealt to her in turn dealt damage to the heroes from her overwhelmingly corrupted body. The tide suddenly turned when the last of her minions was struck down by Quintos, allowing the full force of the party’s resources to be poured onto her in a flurry of glorious battling fury. After mere moments she was felled and the party were able to escape the nightmarish compound.

They did not manage to set fire to the compound, nor did they ensure that they recovered the bodies of any that had wandered in before them. What became of the Lost Conclave? I guess we will find out if anyone ever stumbles upon it again. Perhaps the Chromatic Wizards will find a more suitable location for this awful resting place.