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Future Campaign Idea: Star Wars Organized Play

Wanted to jot down my thoughts about a potential future shared RPG campaign technique using the Star Wars setting. Helping some folks on the d6 community form an Organized Play group (since I used to manage the D&D regional organized play) so these thoughts are in my mind. In a nutshell, we’d have episodic games […]

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One One Eight Two Five

11825, the Eleventh designation from the 825 batch, a distinguished batch of clockwork Mymidions, was a proud construct. Manufactured 1270 years earlier, 11825 had served both the Dragon Overlords and the nascent Gothic Imperial Court. He served with distinction, fighting and destroying many of the rebellious lizardmen. He aided the Gothic Imperial Court in their […]

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Redmark Session 03: Bugbear Patrols

January 28, Third Age 1331 — Midday As if the name of the place, Bone Hill, wasn’t enough, the sighting of the two bugbears raises new concerns about what forces might lie in wait inside the old keep. Unwilling to risk kicking the proverbial hornets nest without more information, the party begins scouting the surrounding […]

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Redmark Session 02: In Search of Bone Hill

January 26, Third Age 1331 — Night It is a busy evening at The Minotaur and The Emperor Inn. Before our heroes settle into their rooms for the night, love is in the air. Quintos and his unseen servant seek to steal the luscious Lyndette, a “waitress” who is more than willing to serve—for the […]

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Stan’s RPG Bucket List Updates

I’ve been keeping tabs on my ‘RPG Bucket List’ for a few years. I just added two more items to the bucket list: Play ‘The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen‘. Sort of a Fiasco, one-shot party game. Play ‘Primetime Adventures‘. This is Fiasco-style story game with light mechanics. Would be great for a 1 or […]

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The Tower

Our colonists, fresh from saving the lumberjacks from the Kobold scourge, next followed a map found in the Kobold lair to perhaps find a cure for the Bloody Pox. Added to the map was information giving by the sole survivor of the previous colony, Jacob Bluecastle. He let it be known that the Bloody Pox […]

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Our intrepid colonists tracked down the kobold force, and the five lumberjacks that had been absconded with and taken to the kobold hold. The trail stayed warm, and as the party turned the corner, they were blasted by three kobold Fire casters. After a close battle, the party continued into the depths of the kobold […]

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