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Star Wars Miniatures Game 1: Smuggling Holo-Cubes

This past Saturday John and I met to play games face-to-face for the first time in a year! We’ve both been vaccinated. It was a joy to roll dice together again We played an RPG with others on Zoom, but before the RPG game, we took an hour to play a Star Wars miniatures game based on a custom version of the OnePageRules.com wargame rules which I call ‘Open Warfare.’

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Rotating GMs in a Shared Campaign

I recently saw a quote about Star Trek novels but this made me think about best practices for shared campaigns with multiple GMs.

“Before the litverse, novels had a responsibility (possibly an actual rule from the publishers, but I’m not sure) to “put the toys back in the toy box” when done. In other words, existing assets (characters, ships, structure of existing galactic politics, etc.) had to end up the same at the end of the novel as they were at the start. This restricted the novels is in a certain way – despite how much danger he might be in, you know Sulu isn’t going to die if a novel is set anytime before Undiscovered Country.” (Source)

Probably any shared universe (be it a Traveller, D&D, or any other setting where GMs take turns running games for the same group) needs a chart of things that are “fixed” so the toy box is in order for the next GM.

So something like a “Session Zero”, but for Co-GMs.

We’ve had a really good experience in several of campaigns in our game club with rotating GMs in a shared campaign, so I’m very interested in this topic.

I think I’m finding that the easiest thing is to keep the PCs focused on smaller scale events rather than ‘save the world’. That way there’s not much ‘canon’ they could really effect.
“Save the world” doesn’t always mean that the PCs encounter a world-shaking event, but rather it can simply be “save their world”, which could be a regional issue or a PC related issue that may not directly impact the larger scope of the world. To the heroes it’s still a huge deal but their actions won’t necessarily change the geopolitical framework in the world.

Here’s a video that is worthy of review on this topic as well:

Two Book Club Prep Tools

“We read to know we are not alone.” — C.S. Lewis

Two key tools I use for our Dicehaven bookclub:

  • I read through “50 Book Club Questions for Any Selection” for ideas on discussion questions for the book we’re reading.
  • I often read using a Kindle on my iPad and I highlight lots of text. What’s cool with Kindle highlights is that afterwards you can login, visit your ‘notebook’ at https://read.amazon.com/kp/notebook and then see and even export everything you highlighted.

Starting a Superheroes Comic Book Club

On my backlog of things to do ‘someday (but not just yet!) is to start a comic book club. This article gives a bit of background on what that can be like.

I’d envision structuring it similar to the Dicehaven book club. You read several comics (maybe 6 or 12 per month?) in a selected series, then get together (in person on via Zoom) and chat about it. Maybe we’d play City of Heroes or a tabletop Supers RPG like Icons after the comic book club meeting.

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