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Top Stuff I Want To Run Someday (Early 2023 Edition)

In a traditional dating back nine years, I like to inventory the ‘games I’m itching to run someday’. Interesting how things evolve: see my posts in early 2022, late 2020, early 2020early 2019, 2017, 2016 and 2014 of things I was itching to run in prior years.

The big change this year is that I recently (for the first time ever!) came up with a list of my favorite game engines to use for campaigns I run. With a couple of exceptions (namely Pendragon and The One Ring) where there’s an amazing campaign tied to a particular ruleset, I will, for the most part, target to run my favorite systems, which are Fate, BX D&D, and d100 (either Chaosium’s BRP or d00Lite).

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Custom Dice for Owlbear Rodeo and DDDice

My favorite VTT is Owlbear.rodeo. It recently added an integration so that you can use dice from DDDice.com. I will soon be running some Middle-earth games, and the dice from The One Ring aren’t built in to Owlbear, so I built several custom dice sets that are compatible with The One Ring. I also created some normal polyhedral dice.

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Star Trek Organized Play

I recently ran another game of Star Trek using my custom version of the Fate RPG rules. It was great fun! One thing I like about Fate is how easy it is to teach new players. One thing I like about Star Trek is that adventures lend themselves to being very episodic. You can have ‘planet-of-the-week’ adventures and get right into the action by reading a Captain’s Log and having the NPC captain order you down to a planet to solve a problem or investigate an enigma. Having a large starship with three different shifts of the crew means you can have numerous characters on the ship and play the game West Marches style.

So I plan to polish up the setting (the U.S.S. Xerxes, a Saladin Class starship) and my house rules, pregens, and other tools. This will be my go-to one-shot or pickup game going forward, and I’m looking forward to it.

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