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Elements of Successful Dicehaven Organized Play

For several years, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of setting up an organized play program for our local game club.

At any given moment, we have multiple concurrent campaigns with several GMs. I’ve noticed that if we lack the required quorum of players or if the GM is absent or not up to running the game, either we cancel the game or run a one-shot game with a new character. Missing opportunities to game or always gaming with a new character is not ideal, and so organized play with persistent characters has long been an elusive goal.

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Hope of the Jedi Episode 03

A session report for a Star Wars campaign using Fate Accelerated RPG rules.

Arriving on Tatooine, seeking a job to get money for ship repairs, the Jedi companions encounter Sion Syko, a seedy Rhodian with connections to the local underworld. Syko, for a ‘modest’ fee, introduces the heroes to Teckla Biblo, a nervous looking human who will pay for transport for a container containing undisclosed contents. 

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