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Weird War II and the Shadowverse

Weird War II

Weird War II (Click to Enlarge)

My Saturday campaign group has started an Urban Shadows campaign. Our setting we have dubbed the ‘Shadowgames Universe’ (or, as I have taken to thinking of it, the ‘Shadowverse’). It is a sort of Cthulhu / Dresden Files mashup cosmology. Part of what we discussed in creating this setting (since we have 3 GMs who take turns running things) is pulling in other urban fantasy type campaigns such as Solomon Kane, which can link to a grander campaign story, with everything tied together.

I was coincidently prepping some World War II wargame miniatures for an unrelated wargame, when it occured to me that there is an old Savage World setting book I have called ‘Weird War II’ which I think could also be a Shadowverse setting.

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Middle-earth Campaign Concludes after 58 Sessions

I first starting running Adventures in Middle-earth back in 2016. Eventually, it turned into a campaign (using the ‘Mirkwood Campaign’ commercial adventure, co-GM’d by multiple GMs) which lasted 3.5 years and took place over 58 sessions (sessions were about 5-6 hours during much of the campaign). It was a grand and epic story, covering 30 years of Middle-earth history in between the years of The Hobbit and the beginning of The Lord of the Rings.

We had great fun, and eventually we may return, perhaps using the new The One Ring 2nd Edition which was recently released.



Gangbusters Murder Board

I’ve been chatting with my group about how we’d be interested in co-GM’ing a Gangbusters campaign at some point (but with different combat rules than the old TSR game, which is pretty dated). One thing that might be cool is to include a long-term crime investigation arc.

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