Multi-Genre RPGs and Thoughts on The Cypher System

There are a lot of setting-specific RPGs (D&D for Fantasy, Shadowrun for Cyberpunk, Traveller for Galactic Sci Fi) which are very cool. Many of the campaigns I’d like to run though are custom settings that in many cases are genre-mashups (Sci Fi Horror, Steampunk Supers, etc.). What systems currently on the market are best that […]

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Ken Hite’s Review of ‘Basic Roleplaying’

Ken Hite (he’s worked on so many RPGs I’ve lost track; LUG Star Trek is the one I most recall) wrote a review of BRP (Chaosium’s d100 system-neutral game) a few years back. I’ve copied it here and highlighted a few points. I need to check out the ‘Passions’ mechanic. Dry Bones Gonna Rise Up […]

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Caribdus Epilogue

Caribdus Epilogue   Caribdus will forever be changed by the actions of three young women. Their obsession with Blood Magic flooded an entire world nearly wiping out its population and threatened another: Earth. The Crew that fought and died to stop them will go down in history as heroes. The Maiden of the Mists, Mara, […]

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Daxson’s Thoughts – Epilogue

Daxson’s Thoughts – Epilogue “You are here… I… wanted you to stay.” “You didn’t really think I would did you?” “I just wanted you safe. We all could have died. The hags… they sent entire crews to their graves…” “I came for you.” “I do not know what would have happened if you had not.” […]

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Redmark Session 18: All for a Kiss

March 7-16, Third Age 1331 March 7 Kat’s Claw It is an auspicious day that begins with the heroes boarding Kat’s Claw—the ship loaned to the group by Lady Anna of Stonehelm. The Ship is so named for the captain of this sleek vessel: the extremely hot Katarina. She’s no ordinary, beauty, however. She comes […]

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Redmark Session 17: Bori ‘The Blade’

March 3-6, Third Age 1331 Some time passes as the heroes craft, do religious research, and carouse. Quintos makes his way to a party of nobles in Stonehelm and ends up accepting the challenge of Lady Anwendolin (or ‘Annie’) to avenge the theft of her prized horse. Lady Annie was sister to King Corwyn’s wife, […]

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Reggie the Kitchen Boy

“Boy, bring me more wine!” “Boy, bring me more mutton chops!” If I heard that once I heard it a thousand times. I didn’t know my father, and my mother died in childbirth, god rest her soul. I’m told she worked in the kitchens, and evidently I was born to spend my life replacing her […]

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