Redmark Session 26: Entering the Great Gates

April 3-6, TA 1331 The shock of the unusual trip to another world the group just took quickly turned into yet another party with the natives. And another eating contest for Quintos to foolishly volunteer for. This time, however, he actually managed to win. Who knew a Roman could eat such a horrible food and […]

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Red Dwarf by Justv23

Vanguard Session 01: Signals (Take 1)

Note: We had some audio issues with this first session so we rebooted the adventure and recorded it again over here. Captain’s Log: Stardate 1266.01 “We’ve received a message from the civilian exploration starship Ventura that their long-range shuttlecraft called the Susquehanna has gone missing in the Carina Nebula, deep within the Taurus Reach. The Susquehanna […]

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Redmark Session 25 Epilogue: The Forgotten Kobold Shaman

(A cut-scene that occurs immediately after Session 25) In the pre-dawn hours of the battle of Agincourt, flames consume the tattered pavilion of the Duke of Bar. Shocked French guards hazard the flames to rescue the beheaded Duke’s body, ignoring the hapless screams of the Duke’s ‘demon’. Gone are the interlopers who entered the tent […]

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Starbase 47 by archangel72367 on DeviantArt

Star Trek Campaign Name & Monologue

A quick blog post to get feedback on our upcoming Star Trek opening credits monologue, and also on the name of our Star Trek campaign. First, a bit of context on what I’m aiming for in the campaign. We’re currently doing a Season 1 which is a prequal series of planet-of-the-week adventures using pregens. We’re […]

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'U.S.S. Darius' by unusualsuspex on DeviantArt

Star Trek Away Mission: Signals

Below describes a quickstart adventure I plan to run this Wednesday (quorum permitting) or at some other future point in time. Away Mission: Signals CAPTAIN’S LOG STARDATE 2266.01 “We’ve received a message from the exploration vehicle Ventura that their long-range shuttlecraft called the Susquehanna has gone missing in the Carina Nebula, deep within the Taurus […]

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The Battle with the Duke

Redmark Session 25: You Took My Life—Now I Take Your Future

October 24, A.D. 1415 (Earth Time) Bring Out Your Dead! Our five heroes find themselves in a strange land where their magic doesn’t work and everyone is speaking an incomprehensible language and eating escargot. A few mimes in berets roam about—an utterly terrifying place. Fortunately, two our heroes—Ivamel and Duke Leopold—speak the language they call […]

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Licensed RPG Podcast Poll Results and Analysis

In my Thursday group we starting talking about doing an actual play podcast. 24 hours after I put up the poll on licensed RPG settings, we’ve gotten some good response! 175 votes as of me writing this post. We’ll have a dribble of extra votes over the next week I’d think, but most of the […]

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Possible Actual Play Campaigns

There’s been some discussions about doing an actual play podcast. I don’t know when schedules will allow us to do an actual play, or who would be the GM when we do kickoff such a thing, but here are some ideas I’ve got were I to be at the helm GM’ing an actual play campaign. […]

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Thursday Night Dice: Default Game Roles

Logging this for future reference. We discussed and decided that by default, players would have the following game roles (adjusting things when a player is absent or when a given player is being the Chronicler (in which case someone else would take on their role). Default Roles: Quartermaster: John Battlemaster: John Soundmaster: Mason Rulesmaster: Jeff […]

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Redmark Session 24: Ivamel is ‘Banished’ to France

“France has more need of me than I have need of France.” — Napoleon Bonaparte March 25, T.A. 1331 (Thrëa) As the party sails back to Tanaroa, Ivamel spots old wreckage along the coastline and he thinks he says a skeletal arm hanging out from the wrecked skiff. The party decides to investigate; they find […]

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