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Ringworld Interactive Map

Ringworld Map and Other Cool Stuff

Found an amazingly cool Ringworld Interactive Map for our Ringworld fans. I saw an article that James S.A. Corey’s Expanse Series Began As A Role-Playing Game. Also, as we think about Prismaticon tournaments, see this article on AD&D tournament run-times.

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1977 Classic Traveller Box Cover

Book Reviews: Of Beowulfs and Albino Anti-heroes

My musings on three products I loved from the 70s which had some likely-not-coincidental cross-over use of drug-dependant albinos and sci fi Beowulf references. Elric of Melniboné Recently I finished reading ‘Elric of Melniboné’, the first book in the original 6 novel Elric series by Michael Moorcock. Moorcock reads much like Robert E. Howard’s Conan: fast, […]

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Larry Niven's Ringworld

Ringworld Novels & RPG

I just finished Larry Niven’s Neutron Star; amazingly good stuff! I read a lot of Larry Niven’s Known Space science fiction back in the 80’s. I am beginning to re-read his novels. His characters and stories span several centuries, so it’s hard to know where best to jump in. I did some research and put […]

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‘Star Trek: Vanguard’ and Other Cool Books

I’ve started to hear about other books folks in our Dicehaven group have recently read (or read way back in the day). Thought it might be cool to have folks who are interested jot a note or two on the blog on what books they like (or don’t like). If you want to blog about […]

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