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Redmark Session 09: Marcus who?

February 4, Third Age 1331 Adventuring Party Present Ghost Dancer—a man, with war chants and self proclaimed Indian Ivamel—a man with a stranger past… Lundie—the pious dwarf, devout and strong Quintos—from a noble family and a roman veneficus, a warlock of the IX legion Part I: Morning Comes Marcus left to visit the brothers at […]

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Redmark Session 07: Hashar Gets His Reward

February 2, Third Age 1331 Below Bone Hill, the heroes encounter a Gelatinous Cube and a two statues which almost prove their undoing. Luckily, Marcus decides to pray before the Arkon, and receives a boon that changes their fortune! Later, Hashar receives his just reward for trying to swindle the heroes out of the Bugbear […]

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