Archive | September, 2016

Fr. Rodrigo’s fevered dream

As Torquemada’s minions battered me into unconsciousness, I found myself drifting, in a timeless float towards a familiar place.  Old Valencia, and the Via Pared d’Azul (Blue Wall Street).  When I was a child, I knew every corner, every shoemaker’s stall, every flower vendor, every fishmonger’s bucket.  As I grew up, I would return to […]

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Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 11

The rebels journey to the ruins of Fort Tuscan. Here they meet a man named Quist who claims to be an old friend of Adar Tallon seeking to warn him of the Imperial threat. A herd of stampeding banthas causes the heroes, joined by Quist, to jump in their speeders and flee. The rebels realize the stampede was a […]

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Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 10

The rebels continue to investigate the Tatooine wastes, desperately trying to find war hero Adar Tallon before the Imperial bounty hunters. The heroes follow the trail of Tuscan Raiders to their camp. Bearing the body of one the dead bounty hunters, the heroes are able to parlay their way out of a battle. It’s a […]

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