The rebels continue to investigate the Tatooine wastes, desperately trying to find war hero Adar Tallon before the Imperial bounty hunters. The heroes follow the trail of Tuscan Raiders to their camp. Bearing the body of one the dead bounty hunters, the heroes are able to parlay their way out of a battle.

It’s a good thing too — the sand people had set a trap with numerous raiders hiding below the sand! Instead of blaster fire, the confrontation ends in peace.

Following a tip from the sand people, the rebels journey to ruins in the desert where they encounter a Dim-U priest and his acolytes. Around the night campfire, the monastics reveal they have heard of Adar Tallon and have leads to his whereabouts.

Suddenly, a herd of womp rats invade the camp. The heroes quickly realize it is a diversion — the bounty hunter IG-72, murderer of several locals in pursuit of Adar Tallon, is bearing down upon them!

A furious battle ensues, and IG-72 soon finds himself defeated — and disassembled — by the victorious rebels! …