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Questions of Fate

Having run two Fate Core games in the last month where I’ve really tried to use all the rules properly, I noticed a few rules questions have come up in-game. I’m memorializing those here to make sure I research these and also alerting the group so others besides myself can read up on how these […]

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Star Trek TOS: The God of War

Last night’s Star Trek game was one of the most enjoyable games I’ve run in a long time! Partly it was my own love of the Star Trek setting, partly it was the enthusiasm of the players (notably Robert with his props and wardrobe), and partly it was the cinematic nature of the Fate RPG […]

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A Giant Problem

Harren Fireleaf rules in Fire oak, but for how long?  He convinced the Fire oaks to betray all other Oak Kin, and at first the act was profitable.  centuries of old grudges against the other Oaks allowed the payback to be sweet.  But soon, Randolph Fire Oak decided the cost was too high.  honor and a sense of […]

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The Society of the Nine Knives

The Oaks discovered that Milas Homar, banker extraordinaire, supplier of fruit in bozes throughout Westcrown and Westmarch, may not be the friend people keep telling the party he is.  Yes, Milas Homar evidently sent a team of assassins to infiltrate the Society of the Nine Knives.  After uncovering the conspiracy to murder the Silver Oaks, […]

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Battle at Silver Oak Cathedral

Long Live Rodrik Silver Oak, heir to the Silver Oak family! Oh how cruel his death was, ambushed in a back alley by assassins, orcs, and bugbears.  He had steadfastly defended the walls of Silverthorne for months, only to be cut down the day before his brother, Kurst, arrived back in Silverthorne with help in […]

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