IMG_0081[1]Harren Fireleaf rules in Fire oak, but for how long?  He convinced the Fire oaks to betray all other Oak Kin, and at first the act was profitable.  centuries of old grudges against the other Oaks allowed the payback to be sweet.  But soon, Randolph Fire Oak decided the cost was too high.  honor and a sense of family was lost, and no amount of profit could compensate.  But Harren, cousin to the ruling family, anticipated this weakness, and after consultation was a one Milas Homar, moved a robust group of Hill Giants to a nearby hill fort, to watch over and guard the Fire Oaks.

Push came to shove finally, as Randolph announced the end of the alliance of the fire oaks and the Hill Giants, upon which Harren had Randolph arrested and taken to the Giant Stedding as a prisoner.  derrick, oldest son of Randolph, barely escaped the Orc, Bugbear, and Hill Giant patrols, and made his way to Silver Oak.  There, was no expectation, but only hope, he asked the party to aid him in the liberation of his father, and thus, all Fire Oaks.  The Prophsy of the Oak gathering foretold that all the Oak Clans would reunite, and depart these lands.  Justin and Kurst agreed to come to the Fire Oaks aid on one and only one condition.  That the Fire Oaks would help lift the siege of Silverthorne, and allow all the Oaks escape.  They agreed.

Upon their arrival at Fire Oak, the party quickly dispatched a group of bugbears, and restoked the everlasting Fire Oak Flame (that had almost been extinguished).  Harren fled to the Giant Stedding, where the party followed. Storr, the intrepid and tentative rogue, scouted the Stedding, to find overwhelming numbers of Giants, Harren Fireleaf, and another human, the Old Man in White, in the Stedding.  Awoken and losing surprise, the party set upon a battle to end all battles, taking on one giant after another.  Who knows what the result will be…