IMG_0090[1]The Oaks discovered that Milas Homar, banker extraordinaire, supplier of fruit in bozes throughout Westcrown and Westmarch, may not be the friend people keep telling the party he is.  Yes, Milas Homar evidently sent a team of assassins to infiltrate the Society of the Nine Knives.  After uncovering the conspiracy to murder the Silver Oaks, and the conspiracy to let Orcs and bugbears into Silverthorne, the other shoe dropped.  Yes.  Milas Homar has been manipulating the Nine Knives and the Orcs and the Dragonborn to cause chaos and destruction.  And who has profited from the warring and Chaos?  None other than Milas Homar, humble proprietor of the Lock and Leave Bank in Westcrown. now the party must undo the damage, if there is still time.