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Dreadfall Episode 01: Working Man

Episode 01: Working Man Date: 4-12-14 Players: Stan (the man) Jeff (Flin) Mason (Castle) Jim Bob (Sam) Robert (Philip) John (Ezra) All the characters are from the same plantation called Greenfields and have all posted into the Apprenticeship through various means. Somehow the group has all been selected to be as part of the same […]

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Dreadfall Episode 00: World Creation

Date: 3-29-14 Got the group together for the first time and spent the entire 4 hours collaborating on group world creation (NPCs, PC backstory, setting details, etc.). What a blast! The adventure takes place on ‘New Earth’. We didn’t get into our adventure, but here’s a Rush song reminiscent of our new characters and their […]

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