So many wargames, so little time…

I visited Texas Toy Soldier, a hobby store in Carrolton dedicated to miniatures games. Great store! I was surprised to see such a huge section dedicated to a game called Kings of War.

I’ve heard of Kings of War, but had no idea it had such a following. Apparently, much like Warmachine rose in the wake of discontent with Warhammer, Kings of War arose in the wake of Warhammer Fantasy Battles dumping their line in 2015 in favor of a new product called ‘Age of Sigmar’ that is very, very different that its predecessor. It dumped factions and let many players cold (see this blog article discussion).

Anyway, looking through the Kings of War rulebook, about 35 pages are actually rules (and half of that is pictures), so it’s a pretty simple game, yet has high production values and a huge following. For tournament play, there are competitions across the region in DFW (April 28-29, 2018), Austin (June, 2018), Houston (Aug. 2017) and San Antonio (Nov., 2017).

They also released a Historical version of the game that has army lists for Byzantines, Crusaders, and all sorts of historical armies which would work well with Robert’s Byzantine and Crusader armies and his basing scheme.

Here’s a video review.


Anyway, it seems to fall between Neil Thomas’ One Hour Wargames and Mark Lewis’ Sword and Spear in terms of complexity. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re interested in tournament games. You can buy it off Amazon.

Also check out the online army builders for fantasy and historical.