15mm Scale with Centimeters for Movement Units

Ran the first game of what promises to be a recurrent ‘background’ campaign that I run intermittently. It’s an adaptation of The Last Parsec’s “Leviathan”, a Savage Worlds setting I’m converting over to Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition. Game tonight was a blast! Some photo highlights are below.

I used 15mm miniatures on a 4×6′ BannersOnTheCheap.com vinyl mat. Used rules where 1 centimeter equaled 1 square (which is 1.5 meters). So players have a normal move of 6 centimeters. Really helped in making ranged combat distances matter.


Velociraptor style critters using pack tactics to gang up on Jeff’s character

15mm metal miniatures were mixed with Axis & Allies Miniatures plastic minis and some home-made terrain and rocks from a space miniatures game.


Vinyl game-mat looked pretty good, plus you could use wet or dry erase on it.

The ‘A-Pex’ beast (this one was just a baby!) had 165 Hits (or hit points for D&D folks). The characters just barely outran it to the flyer.




A-Pex beast says ‘I … am … HUNGRY!’

I love how the 15mm scale lets you make mundane terrain and miniatures ‘big’. Jeff’s character did a full-auto burst of gunfire right into the creatures mouth. If the shot had not felled the creature, it could have been good-bye for Jeff’s character! Luckily he took the beast down!

I also loved Mongoose Traveller. We had some 6 pretty nasty creatures that each took 2-3 different hits to take them out, plus the A-Pex big monster at the end. We had 10 rounds of combat (3 just running across the long road to the flyer), 10 total combatants, and a total of 55 minutes of action. Probably half that time was looking up rules since we were new to Mongoose Traveller 2e. It runs fast — taking out rounds for running, those were 8 minute combat rounds which we could probably do in 4 or 5 minutes once we’re up to speed on the rules (that was for 3 players; it probably would take 10 minute combat rounds with 6 players). Very fast paced. Loved it!