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How To Create Your Own Stan Shinn Classic Traveller Binder

Lot’s of folks have been interested in how I put together my Classic Traveller binder. Here’s an overview of the binder:

You can download the Referee Dashboard PDF to insert in your binder.

Stan Shinn Traveller Planner CoverIf you want to make a planner cover, you can use my OpenOffice template below. It is an OpenOffice Draw (.ODG) file. You can edit it using either free OpenOffice or LibreOffice software.

To use the template, you’ll need two fonts:

And I use a planner from Staples which you can order online:



  1. Dmcojo

    Love this! Made one for Dcc RPG and Dead Reign. Making my Traveller one next!

  2. Dustin

    Any chance you’d have a template for your adventure pages?

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