In the aftermath of their skirmish with Storm Troopers, the Rebels clean up the carnage. Daymont Syko hails the home-base of the dead Storm Troopers.

His ruse works. He discovers the location of Garr Juun, a Sullustan who worked with Dalin Show to betray the rebels.

Disguised as Storm Troopers, the party pays a visit to Garr Juun. Vin Sai notices that the armor seems to be a perfect fit on only one: Daymont.

The phony Storm Troopers gain easy access to Juun’s house in Tanga City.

Meanwhile, the alien—er, non-human—rebels circle around to the back.

Talk is cheap, and blaster fire is cheaper as a fight erupts. While the lasers fly, A9-LX disarms a baradium bomb with 10 seconds to spare—and keeps it as a handy souvenir.

The rebels capture Juun alive. Cornelius Vaan is all for torture, and Vin Sai almost delivers.

When Juun accidentally inhales some of the shroom-drug he deals, Dredge Myolnon enters his consciousness, and senses an evil presence—emanating from Andooweel.

And Daymont, lost in thought, recalls a time, when he was fighting against—not for—the Rebel Alliance …