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Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 13

The Tyrannus emerges from hyperspace, and the heroes find themselves in the middle of an asteroid field. Alderaan, their destination, is nowhere to be found. In the distance, a grey moon looms. After a tractor beam snags the Tyranus, the crew realizes it is no moon!

Soon the Tyrannus is aboard the Death Star. Emerging from smuggling compartments, the heroes steal an officer’s ID, weapons and officer uniforms. Logging in to a wall terminal, they seek a way to shut down the tractor beam, only to find someone on the opposite side of the Death Star has already dismantled the tractor beams.

They also discover that Agent Lu’Nimah is aboard the Death Star! The heroes quickly ‘transfer’ Agent Lu’Nimah out of her detention block while distracted guards listen to a cell block escape on the opposite side of the Death Star.

The rebels sneak past Stormtroopers and board the Tyrannus only to have an Imperial officer recognize them. Blaster fire ensues, with unarmed Ishtatha nearly perishing in the cross-fire. As the heroes fly into space and punch in astrogation coordinates, they see another ship leaving the Death Star, TIE fighters in hot pursuit. Who were the other escapees?…


  1. Robert "Commander" Miklos

    That was great how you blended in the events of episode IV with our little journey. I was kinda hoping, though, that we would walk by the engineer of the death Star, who would be explaining to Darth Vader how ‘its just one little exhaust port. I mean, really, how could anything ever hit that? Please, if you are telling me there are space wizards out there who can direct a one in a million shot, well…I’ll have some guys put some plywood on top of the exhaust port, but if not, I just wouldn’t worry about it. Lord Vader…space wizards, helllllllooooooooo?”

  2. Stan


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