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Rogue One Ranking

I just saw Rogue One. Here’s my ranking of it in the Star Wars movie universe (from favorite to least favorite): IV, V, VII, VI, R1, III, I, II.

— Stan


  1. JB

    saw it last night. I’m not super definite about where it ranks among the original trilogy (maybe better than Jedi? eek!) but my kids and I agreed it was better than Episode VII.

    If you twisted my arm I would have to say my ranking would be:
    V, IV/R1 (tie), VI, VII, the Clone Wars series, III, II, the “lightsaber kid” youtube video, I

    • Stan

      I’ll probably have to rethink my ranking strategy at some point. Right now, I rank based on ‘how did I like it when I first saw it’. But, modern special effects are so much better than back in the day. Also, R1 has a different dynamic being a standalone movie than the series movies; I may want to break them out as separate 🙂

  2. Robert "Commander" Miklos

    I just saw R1, and I liked it a lot better than VII. It was the most human of all the movies, most complex from a character standpoint, and the most heartbreaking. A great stand alone film.

  3. Mason

    I think the original trilogy has a bit of an unfair advantage with nostalgia. So I don’t know how I’d rate R1 against those. It’s definitely better than I-III. I’d say it was better than VII, too. VII was good but it mirrored IV so much that I felt like I had seen it before. That was a negative in my opinion. It just didn’t seem like a fresh new movie. I also felt more attached to the characters in R1 than in VII. With the exception of the original characters.

  4. Stan

    Probably the most fair way to talk about ranking / rating the movies is to declare if ‘nostalgia curve is ‘ON” or ‘nostalgia curve is ‘OFF”. For me, i usually have it on and rate the original trilogy very highly. With it off, I rank things a bit differently 🙂

  5. Todd

    I’d have to rank R1 after the original trilogy, better than the second trilogy and VII dead last. Tears came to my eyes as I realized R1 was the movie I’d waited for since 1983. The director’s/writers’ respect for the universe was something totally lacking in VII. Abrams’ lack of respect for the gravity of what he was doing to the characters and the universe itself was a travesty. It was like “Lost” all over again: throw universe-breaking cool-sounding ideas out there with no plan/big-picture idea of how to resolve the mess he’d made, leaving it for future directors to clean up. (Abrams has said as much in interviews about both Lost and VII.). Instead of creating plot-holes, R1 did the opposite, patching up the biggest hole left by Lucas. It was clear in ever scene that Edwards (director) was a Star Wars geek. I will gladly go to any other Star Wars movie Gareth Edwards directs whereas I pray that Abrams is done.

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