Trapped inside the flooding water tower, the heroes cut their way out and fight attacking bounty hunters who have arrived in an large speeder. Dr. Tark attacks the nefarious Zandra and her allies from atop the water tower, while Dr. Tark’s allies below succeed in toppling the speeder and spilling its occupants. Zandra and her allies are killed in the battle, but a communicator found on one of the dead bodies give the rebels an idea.

Impersonating the bounty hunters, the rebels use the communicator to trick the bounty hunter allies to come to their ‘rescue’. The bounty hunters arrive only to be ambushed by the rebels.

The lone surviving bounty hunter is a Quarren assassin name Tseggor who brings back painful memories for the rebel Cornelius Vaan. Tseggor was the assassin who killed Cornelius’ father, acting on contract from Bezhi Gahn, an enemy of Cornelius’ father in the asteroid belt where they both worked.

Cornelius dispatches Tseggor but it brings him little comfort; somewhere out there, Bezhi Gahn still lives, and the urge to bring justice to his father’s killer dogs at Cornelius’ soul…