The rebel heroes, pursuing information Dr. Tark Malin found in rebel agent Dana’s final transmission, begin a hunt to find Commander Adar Tallon, hero of the Old Republic. The heroes travel to Tatooine knowing they have four days before the Star Destroyer finishes repair and arrives with Imperial bounty hunters to capture Tallon.

After much meandering around Tatooine, the rebels find their way into a Mos Eisley cantina. The staff was cleaning up — apparently a Jedi just earlier that day cut someone’s arm off! Isshtatha ends up in a drinking contest and wins handily, much to the applause of the betting customers.

After being insulted by Zandra (a local bounty hunter trying to buy a speeder), the heroes run down a lead at “Heff’s Souvenirs.” The rebels encounter Labria, a usually-drunk Devaronian, who takes them to an abandoned water tower to meet an Ithorian who is friends with Tallon.

The water tower’s doors slam shut and water begins flooding in. While the Jedi Dredge cuts a way out of the flood, Dr. Tark adeptly speeds into the upper levels and sights the villain behind their trap — none other than Zandra, the nefarious and insulting bounty-hunter…